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I began this site – and blog – in January 2009. However, Idiscovered I was pregnant in August 2008 so there are quite a few posts on mypersonal blog about the experience of being pregnant. If you’re interested inthese posts, here is a list below. Enjoy!


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August 2008

·        Some may haveguessed…, where I reveal to my online friends & family that we werepregnant.

·        Give me yourthoughts!, contemplated boy names.

·        Nature of the beast, firstmention of morning sickness.

·        The beast, updated, moreabout morning sickness.


September 2008

·        Please let it bethe end., even more about morning sickness.

·        Plan, plan, plan,thinking out loud about my maternity leave options.

·        The duck is as quacky as he seems.,realizing that all my planning for my maternity leave was not as well thoughtout as I’d hoped.

·        Look look!, our first glimpse of the baby– via ultrasound.

·        Oh what a wonderfulfeeling!, my first day of complete morning sickness relief.

·        These aren’tshirts, they’re dresses!, venturing into maternity wearfor the first time.

·        As coined by Terri,baby_ea :), cutebaby/pregnancy “trackers”



·        It’s a boy! For mysister that is :), realizing that I really didwant to have a little girl and name her Evelyn.

·        Week 12, six days& counting..., still experiencing morningsickness – and cursing my bladder.

·        Some good, somebad., 2nd prenatal appointment results.

·        Excitingappointment made!, being told we could make our1st “official” ultrasound appointment and possibly discover the sexof the baby.

·        In which I fightsaleswomen for underwear that don’t fit, my 2ndventure into maternity wear.

·        Lunch,cataloguing my strange appetite.


November 2008

·        I just shouldn’thave any expectations., our 3rd prenatalappointment.

·        The ultrasoundresults…, where we announce the fact that we’re having a girl!


December 2008

·        Baby Update!,cataloguing feeling Evy move for the 1sttime.

·        Birth plan., myinitial thoughts on my birthing options – including the Bradley Method.

·        The choices so far., our final decisions about thecrib bedding & furniture for the nursery.

·        The one where Ifinally begin to dream., my 1st bad dreamabout the pregnancy.

·        ♪ Movingright along ♪, 4th prenatalappointment.

·        100 most popularbaby names of 2008 | BabyCenter, where I discover thatEvelyn isn’t as original as I’d hoped.

·        22 week report!, stillfeeling sick occasionally & my worry about weight gain.

·        I have to pee…SO bad.,ultrasound full bladder requirements are killing me!

·        New pictures!, theultrasound results from my 2nd full scan.


January 2009

·        Protein, protein,protein., discussing our Bradley Method classes.

·        No, no no – that nipple is too fast., mythoughts on breast feeding and bottle feeding.