I've been very much in love with Evy recently.

I'm not saying I wasn't in love with her before, but now I feel like we're on the same wave length. I feel so much more HER mom right now then just a mother to a baby. Our bedtime routine has been wonderful, she never cries when we put her to sleep anymore. She's been sleeping through the night again, and when I don't wake her to nurse, she'll sleep from 9pm until around 9am - BLISS. She really is the perfect baby.

I think a lot of it has to do with getting on medication to augment my milk supply. Ever since doing that I'm no longer stressed out wondering if she's gotten enough and she seems so satisfied that I know she's getting just what she needs.

Another indication that she's getting what she needs is that she's pooping more often. Her growth spurt must be over and my supply plentiful because we're both on cloud nine most of the time.

She's still drooling - A LOT - but no teeth yet. She'll put everything in her mouth, which I find adorable. The other day I went to pick her up from her nap and Mr. Bun Bun's tail - which once was poofy with faux sherpa wool - was soaked and deflated but she was happy and gripping onto him as if for life or death. I'm glad, because I picked out Mr. Bun Bun and he's perfect.

Its been awhile since her last appointment, I'm going to make another. She's fitting in 6month clothes right now, I wonder how big she's gotten? She's getting chunky thighs - just like her mama :) I love her. So. So. Much. I wish I could spend more time with her. But I take comfort in knowing that when I DO get to spend time with her we're madly in love with each other.

She rolls over easily now, though she's not too good (or is just resisting) rolling BACK onto her back. She's not able to sit up on her own yet, but she's trying. I'll love it when she can sit up on her own, I want her to stay at THAT stage forever. That way I can sit her down and she wont leave but I don't have to have a place for her to LAY down.

I love her SO much! I'm getting all weepy just thinking about it. She is my light!


Jenni K

Sun, 13 Sep 2009 15:18:49

Awww, you're adorable. ^_^


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