I've updated Evy's website a bit - as Weebly, the web design & host I use - has expanded their options. Small changes to fonts and pictures, but I think its a good change.

Another big change is that I've removed the "One for the Records" page, which was a calendar to be used to display all of Evy's changes. I found it looked more empty than full no matter how much information on put on it so I've removed it for now. Maybe in the future when Evy is participating in sports or something I'll add it back.

Now for the updates! Evy's eleven months old and I find I'm looking forward to the one year mark more for myself than for Evy due to the constraints that breastfeeding has on me. Pretty selfish, I know, but it's the truth.

Evy's sixth tooth has come in and is pretty much level with the rest of her teeth at this point. I'm now constantly worried that she's going to bite her tongue, while before she had this safety net caused by her gaps. I know that it's all part of growing up - biting your tongue occasionally - but I'm not happy about it.

She hasn't started walking just yet, but I'm a bit happy about that. I know I'm going to be so proud and excited for her once she can walk, but it's just more steps towards an independence I'm not ready for. I feel like this year has FLOWN by in regards to her and inched by in regards to me - both of which have been torturous.

On the talking front, all I can say is that she's babbling a lot. It seems she can say "Dad-De" pretty well, but she's not really saying it at Paul or for Paul or even when Paul is around so while she's definitely saying "Daddy" I'm not going to count it as her first word yet.

One game Evy has really begun to love to play is peek-a-boo, which is ADORABLE. She'll hide behind the arm of the couch or even beside the entertainment center. She doesn't need to be hidden from us completely and she also doesn't need US to be completely out of sight but as long as our eyes are not visible we hard "hidden".

She also likes to be chased - as we rediscovered the other night when she broke out of her play area we've constructed.Paul started crawling after her and it was like she suddenly caught fire and began to crawl as though her life depended on it - squealing with giggles the whole time. When she reaches a dead-end she'll plop on her butt and laugh so hard she'll fall back which makes her laugh even more.

Anyhow - this has been a long post! There's still more!

Evy has perfected the use of sippy cups and eats baby food much easier now. I suppose she just had to get used to it. I'm starting to try other kinds of finger foods with her, as we've found she's VERY demanding when she sees us eating. Even if she's full she still wants some. Its usually a very messy affair though, as she likes to explore it first. I'm trying not to care - babies get messy, right?



Wed, 10 Mar 2010 12:01:58

Oh my goodness Missy, I totally empathizes with how you feel, it does feel like this year has flown by for Eli but I'm still in the same place I was a year ago. I'm still frustrated with my weight, anxious to get out of the house more and so busy I can't take care of myself. I'm sure eventually we'll just work it out but for right now it can be a little discouraging.

As for Evy... I LOVE it when she plays peek a boo! Its the sweetest thing ever and it always turns my mood completely around, she's just like a little ray of happiness. Can't wait till she starts walking, it'll be fun to see what kind of trouble she get's herself into! hahaha Although I have a feeling I'm going to need to do stretches every morning so I don't pull a muscle chasing after her. She is the best little niece in the WHOLE world!


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