Today is Evy's 1st Birthday!!! We celebrated her birthday on Saturday, which was a ton of fun and VERY successful :) Some milestone updates are in order!
  1. Evy is walking! She's a bit unsteady on her feet but as long as she's not too excited she can get pretty far. She started walking about two weeks before her birthday and has been working on it since. 
  2. She getting her seventh tooth; second from the center on the bottom on the right. She had a bad couple of days the week before last because of it, but she's okay now.
  3. She's talking a lot now - but no distinguishable words. She's say "ba-bee" a lot - which sometimes sounds like "mommy" and sometimes sounds like "daddy" :D
  4. One thing that's a bit annoying right now is she really likes to hit. Often, when I'm holding her on my hip, she'll hit me in the face. Not fun, and quite embarrassing when in public. I'm not sure how to get her to stop - or to even try. Is it just a phase? Will reprimanding her even work? I don't worry about it too much right now.
  5. We're taking her for her 1 years appointment tomorrow - I'm a bit nervous. I asked the receptionist, "Is there anything I should prepare for?" and she knew exactly what I was talking about and assured me that the one year appointment is pretty tame - no shots.
That's pretty much it - that I can think of right now. This first year has been a WILD ride :D

I've updated Evy's website a bit - as Weebly, the web design & host I use - has expanded their options. Small changes to fonts and pictures, but I think its a good change.

Another big change is that I've removed the "One for the Records" page, which was a calendar to be used to display all of Evy's changes. I found it looked more empty than full no matter how much information on put on it so I've removed it for now. Maybe in the future when Evy is participating in sports or something I'll add it back.

Now for the updates! Evy's eleven months old and I find I'm looking forward to the one year mark more for myself than for Evy due to the constraints that breastfeeding has on me. Pretty selfish, I know, but it's the truth.

Evy's sixth tooth has come in and is pretty much level with the rest of her teeth at this point. I'm now constantly worried that she's going to bite her tongue, while before she had this safety net caused by her gaps. I know that it's all part of growing up - biting your tongue occasionally - but I'm not happy about it.

She hasn't started walking just yet, but I'm a bit happy about that. I know I'm going to be so proud and excited for her once she can walk, but it's just more steps towards an independence I'm not ready for. I feel like this year has FLOWN by in regards to her and inched by in regards to me - both of which have been torturous.

On the talking front, all I can say is that she's babbling a lot. It seems she can say "Dad-De" pretty well, but she's not really saying it at Paul or for Paul or even when Paul is around so while she's definitely saying "Daddy" I'm not going to count it as her first word yet.

One game Evy has really begun to love to play is peek-a-boo, which is ADORABLE. She'll hide behind the arm of the couch or even beside the entertainment center. She doesn't need to be hidden from us completely and she also doesn't need US to be completely out of sight but as long as our eyes are not visible we hard "hidden".

She also likes to be chased - as we rediscovered the other night when she broke out of her play area we've constructed.Paul started crawling after her and it was like she suddenly caught fire and began to crawl as though her life depended on it - squealing with giggles the whole time. When she reaches a dead-end she'll plop on her butt and laugh so hard she'll fall back which makes her laugh even more.

Anyhow - this has been a long post! There's still more!

Evy has perfected the use of sippy cups and eats baby food much easier now. I suppose she just had to get used to it. I'm starting to try other kinds of finger foods with her, as we've found she's VERY demanding when she sees us eating. Even if she's full she still wants some. Its usually a very messy affair though, as she likes to explore it first. I'm trying not to care - babies get messy, right?
Evy's been progressing steadily!

She now has five teeth, with her sixth one destined to come in any day. Her first two were her bottom center, her second two were her canines and her fifth one is her left center front. Its making for a very funny smile - nothing like the perfection of her cousins - but entertaining all the same.

She perfected standing, and can easily go from siting to standing as long as she has something to pull herself up with. I haven't noticed any ability to walk yet. She can take a step or two while holding onto furniture but doesn't really move.

She's eating very well now, and often times I feed her bits of my dinner and she seems to really enjoy it. I've found shes more willing to eat fruits and veggies when they are not in baby food form. I hear my sister has better luck with her than I do, but I'm not surprised - she acts very different with me.

She's fitting well into 9-12 month clothing and size 3 shoes - but I believe we've gone through a bit of a growth spurt so that may change. I love the onesie, but I believe we're growing out of them. I can't find many onesies in the larger size of 9-12 months
Goodness, I need to update this more often!

All those things she was on the cusp of as of my last report - she has developed!

A) Sitting up unassisted. She tumbles back sometimes when she gets too excited and kicks her feet - but not too often.

B) Eating solid foods! Well, rice cereal and puréed foods. She's taking them well and her bowel movements have left the realm of gold and scent-less to brown and smelly. Yay. We haven't tried anything "crunchy" yet, but with how well she's taking the cereal I believe she'd be ready for almost anything. Hell, the other day she finished half of her cousin's apple juice from his sippy cup!

C) Teeth! She has two teeth now! She was teething at Halloween and shortly after we saw two poking through. Bottom, center, adorable!

D) Babbling. This has been a real joy, she's just so squeezably cute when she's babbling. The other day she came home from Rebekah's and we played dinosaurs while she was in her high chair - roaring at each other in kind. It was amazing :)

So yes, she's plugging along - 8 months old now - time is just flying by :(
Lots to report. 11/03/2009
I know it's been nearly a month since I posted anything, and it's not because nothing has been happening - I promise. Today Evy is in her 4th week of 6 months, and I can report (since we went to the doctor's yesterday and everything was measured) that she's 26.2 inches tall & weighs 17.02 pounds. She's almost sitting up unassisted, but not quite. No visible teeth, but she has begun to teethe. No crawling - but I'm not surprised because they say that sitting up LEADS to crawling. No solid foods yet - but that's going to change very soon.

Since my last post I can report that Evy began to sleep well again, so that's been nice. We decided to try some rice cereal - but I think we got off to a bad start so we haven't tried since we failed. Just recently she's begun to teethe (nothing visible yet, but I can feel it) so she was running a fever and having some wakeful nights. Daylight Savings Time has ended, and Evy's adjusting pretty well to it. We've been trying to get a highchair for about a month, but haven't decided on anything because my sister has one she'd like to give us - it just needs a new cover - which I have to pick up from a warehouse. I have plans to go tomorrow though and I'm excited to get her sitting up regularly and starting on solid foods.

The day before Halloween we went to a pumpkin patch and picked up some small pumpkins for the kiddos. Halloween itself was a bit of a bust. That was one of the days that Evy wasn't feeling well, so even though we had plans to go to my parents house and use their backyard to get some nice family pictures, Evy wasn't happy and the photos showed. She also was running a fever so putting her in a flannel cow costume, for longer than a few minutes,  was out of the question. We did get one or two nice pictures, and of course a picture of her in her costume.

Evy's Halloween Costume!

So, it's been an eventful October, and with MORE holidays around the corner I'm hoping I'll be posting more.
The last two weeks have been hard with Evy, at night. I thought it had to do with my cycle effecting my supply again, and perhaps it did, yet even with my supply back to normal she's still getting up at least once, sometimes twice, a night. It couldn't have happened at a worst time, as I was taking on a big two week project at work and I was already stressed out about it. Wednesday I actually had Paul take the night shift, and it was for the best because it did make me feel more refreshed when I woke up. I had him take the night shift last night too, but I didn't get the same satisfaction. But, no use crying over spilled milk. She'll get over this soon. In fact, tonight I'm going to try filing her tiny tummy with rice cereal to see if that helps.

With the cold weather comes the need for cold clothing and Evy had none of it. So last night I went to Target and picked up some long sleeve onesies with pants and some flannel sleep & plays. She's also grown out of her size 2 diapers and we've moved onto size 3. It amazes me sometimes she used to be so small.

Last weekend we went camping with my parents. It was a lot of fun, but I was a bit worried because of the weather. It was very windy & cold. Luckily we brought this big wooley body suit for Evy so she stayed warm at night and slept better than at home! The next day we just stayed in the trailer because the winds were close to 45mph. Hopefully next time we can enjoy being outside - even if it's cold.
She's not sick! 09/23/2009
We took Evy to the doctor's today because she seems to be getting a rash or some kind of hives on her face and scalp. I didn't think it could be baby acne so I made an appointment - plus it was nearing her 6 month checkup so I thought to hit two birds with one stone.

At the doctors though, they didn't seem to understand she wasn't "sick" and preceded to charge me for a sick visit. They even scolded me when they finally saw her saying, "Do you realize you were sitting on the 'well' side?" I promptly said, "Yes, she's not sick and some little girl's mother out there is threatening the staff with the Swine Flu" - the nurse didn't respond to that.

In the end, the doctor says she has Eczema, and suggested that we try Cetaphil which is a soap free, fragrance free wash - and we also bought some lotion. We've only been able to use it three times since going, so I'm not sure if it's working or not. It seems her skin is calming down - but I'm not sure. She does still have rough patches on her cheeks and stuff so we're going to just keep trying.

Current Weight: 15.07
Current Height: 26.
Teef! 09/17/2009
I thought I felt a tooth poking through in Evy's mouth the other night. I was so sure, given the fact that she kept waking up and the last time she was inconsolable, that I actually put Orajel on the tooth. She seemed perplexed by it, but not much else. Seeing her distress, and tired myself, I finally just held her until she went to sleep.

I feel terrible saying this, but I'm so concerned about instilling bad habits that I don't do any of that...over mothering. I would NEVER hold her until she went to sleep if I didn't think she was teething.

A few days later I was investigating said tooth and found nothing but a ridge in her mouth - and definately not a tooth seeing as it was in the center of the gum line on the top. Oh well - maybe next time. They say that babies teethe between 3 and 7 months, so she's got another two months before she's considered "late".
I've been very much in love with Evy recently.

I'm not saying I wasn't in love with her before, but now I feel like we're on the same wave length. I feel so much more HER mom right now then just a mother to a baby. Our bedtime routine has been wonderful, she never cries when we put her to sleep anymore. She's been sleeping through the night again, and when I don't wake her to nurse, she'll sleep from 9pm until around 9am - BLISS. She really is the perfect baby.

I think a lot of it has to do with getting on medication to augment my milk supply. Ever since doing that I'm no longer stressed out wondering if she's gotten enough and she seems so satisfied that I know she's getting just what she needs.

Another indication that she's getting what she needs is that she's pooping more often. Her growth spurt must be over and my supply plentiful because we're both on cloud nine most of the time.

She's still drooling - A LOT - but no teeth yet. She'll put everything in her mouth, which I find adorable. The other day I went to pick her up from her nap and Mr. Bun Bun's tail - which once was poofy with faux sherpa wool - was soaked and deflated but she was happy and gripping onto him as if for life or death. I'm glad, because I picked out Mr. Bun Bun and he's perfect.

Its been awhile since her last appointment, I'm going to make another. She's fitting in 6month clothes right now, I wonder how big she's gotten? She's getting chunky thighs - just like her mama :) I love her. So. So. Much. I wish I could spend more time with her. But I take comfort in knowing that when I DO get to spend time with her we're madly in love with each other.

She rolls over easily now, though she's not too good (or is just resisting) rolling BACK onto her back. She's not able to sit up on her own yet, but she's trying. I'll love it when she can sit up on her own, I want her to stay at THAT stage forever. That way I can sit her down and she wont leave but I don't have to have a place for her to LAY down.

I love her SO much! I'm getting all weepy just thinking about it. She is my light!
Evy got sick last week.

It started on Thursday and got worse on Friday and by Friday night her temp was 102° and so we took her to urgent care (since her regular doctor was out for the weekend). After waiting a long time, and then pissing her off by sticking stuff in her ears and down her throat, he deemed her having an ear infection.

I'm not sure though. I'm no doctor - I'll be the first to say - but she seemed fine after he gave her some baby Tylenol to bring her fever down. She wasn't before, or after, tugging at her ears either. Plus, early that week her cousin, Elijah, had a very bad cold. Since she's cared for by my sister in my sister's apartment with her cousins I'm almost positive she just got a cold. Her nose was running, her eyes were watering, and she had the fever.

He prescribed Amoxicilin and said to bring her back on Monday or Tuesday. We've been giving her only the Amoxicillin and she's been doing much better - she seems a little fussy on Saturday but that's all. She's been sleeping really well too.

I hope I didn't over-react by taking her to urgent care. I usually wouldn't, for a fever, but BabyCenter said that at her age, between 3-6 months, any temp over 100 is cause for urgent care. But when I called my sister she seemed to find it over-excessive, she seemed to be chuckling at me when I told her we took her. But I'm so afraid to give her medicine! I don't want to give her an overdose. I was hoping the doctor would look at her and say, "Oh it's just a fever - she'll be okay" and send us on our way.

Oh well. Either way she's doing better. I'm going to do some research on how to prevent ear infections, because as a kid I got a lot of them so maybe Evy's just genetically prone to it.

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