Evy got sick last week.

It started on Thursday and got worse on Friday and by Friday night her temp was 102° and so we took her to urgent care (since her regular doctor was out for the weekend). After waiting a long time, and then pissing her off by sticking stuff in her ears and down her throat, he deemed her having an ear infection.

I'm not sure though. I'm no doctor - I'll be the first to say - but she seemed fine after he gave her some baby Tylenol to bring her fever down. She wasn't before, or after, tugging at her ears either. Plus, early that week her cousin, Elijah, had a very bad cold. Since she's cared for by my sister in my sister's apartment with her cousins I'm almost positive she just got a cold. Her nose was running, her eyes were watering, and she had the fever.

He prescribed Amoxicilin and said to bring her back on Monday or Tuesday. We've been giving her only the Amoxicillin and she's been doing much better - she seems a little fussy on Saturday but that's all. She's been sleeping really well too.

I hope I didn't over-react by taking her to urgent care. I usually wouldn't, for a fever, but BabyCenter said that at her age, between 3-6 months, any temp over 100 is cause for urgent care. But when I called my sister she seemed to find it over-excessive, she seemed to be chuckling at me when I told her we took her. But I'm so afraid to give her medicine! I don't want to give her an overdose. I was hoping the doctor would look at her and say, "Oh it's just a fever - she'll be okay" and send us on our way.

Oh well. Either way she's doing better. I'm going to do some research on how to prevent ear infections, because as a kid I got a lot of them so maybe Evy's just genetically prone to it.
I'm calling it! 08/20/2009
Today, Evy rolled over!

Paul says that she rolled over the same day she first grabbed for her toys on her playmat - but she never got close again and later he said that she rolled over onto her side. Well today, she was on her playmat again and she rolled over onto her belly and was able to get both of her arms out from underneath her.

And, despite the fact that she didn't have both arms bent to lift herself up, I'm calling it a milestone because it was pretty damn close!!! I don't have any video because I couldn't find the damned camera - but I was able to take some action shots with my phone :)



She's just getting closer and closer to being able to support her body weight and soon, SOON, she'll be sitting up on her own which is going to be so much fun :)
Burnt out. 08/18/2009
Last night was hard with Evy, our bed time routine is not working out. I nurse her when I get home at 5pm and she's hungry again at 7pm (understandably). However, with her bed time routine being bath/massage from 7:30pm until 8pm - and then I nurse her for 30mins - I have not built up ANY milk in that short hour since I last fed her so nursing her before bed is proving impossible.  She was so upset last night that I finally gave her a bottle of EB* and she calmed down.

Not really sure what to do. We were originally putting her to bed at 8:30pm, but we found that she was cranky and very drowsy by about 7:30pm. If she's too drowsy, she wont be up long enough to nurse and then she'll be waking three hours later out of hunger. So we moved it to 7:30pm - and while the time is working better in regards to her being awake, it is clashing with her need to nurse at 7pm.

I'm having problems with my supply again too, so if I give her a bottle of EB when I'm available then that takes away from when I'm not available. Plus, I worry she'll start to prefer the bottle over the breast given that the bottle allows her to eat faster and is - as I'm told - easier. I'm not ready to give up that connection to her yet - even if I keep pumping to give her EB over formula its not the same thing.

I put a call into my doctor about getting onto a medication, as I've been taking Fenugreek again for the last two weeks and nothing has changed, if anything my supply is still dropping. From what I understand, the lactation caused by the medication ends when you stop taking the medication - so if that's try I could very well be on this medication for another 6 months. Not fun...

*EB=Expressed Breastmilk
Its been another long gap between posts, I'm sorry! I'm trying so hard to keep this as up-to-date as possible considering I'll likely be referring to this often once I find the time to fill out her baby book.

Anyhoo, so today Evy is 18 weeks (4.5 months old) and there has been some changes, that's for sure!

  1. No teeth as of yet, but she's drooling like a leaky facet :P
  2. No rolling over as of yet, but she's getting good at moving onto her side.
  3. We had to buy some more sleep & plays yesterday - because she's grown out of all of hers (3-6 months). The only ones that fit are these two that I'd had packed away for when she got bigger! Her onesies are still working out okay - considering that it's usually a length issue with her sleep & plays.
  4. We've moved from size 1 diapers to size 2!
  5. She's discovering toys. Before, she wouldn't really do much with toys, hardly even look at them with any kind of interest. Now, she's very interested and reaches out often. She's got a death grip once she's got a grip, but she hasn't quite mastered that yet. So, she'll reach for toys and kind of just nudge them towards her mouth.
  6. She's discovered her feet. When she's on her back she tries to swallow them it seems like! Too cute, I'll have to take a video and post it here.
  7. She's become interested in mirrors, which is right on target for her developmental stage. BabyCenter says that she wont realize its her own image for another 4-5 months, but right now she's still really excited.

We began to have some hard times with her bedtime, so we decided to take it much more seriously and we also moved her from the co-sleeper to the crib. Every other night is bath time, and on the off nights she gets a nice baby massage and lots of Mommy & Daddy time. Between the predictable routine and her crib (which she had been sleeping in just fine when we moved her before, even though it was easier for the nursing in the co-sleeper) there has been hardly any nights where she cries.

Unfortunately for me, she's got a full-stomach-life span of about five hours. Not really sure what to do about that right now - other than to continue to wake up with her about 3am and then fail at falling back to sleep. Even if I go to sleep at 9pm I still only get 6 hours of sleep and going to sleep so early sucks. If I get home at five, we put the baby to bed at eight, and then I go to bed at nine I get a total of FOUR hours a day with my family -considering the baby's not up when I leave and Paul is not a morning person. I hate having to work so much. I wish I had six hour days instead nine hour days - then I could wake up with Evy and get home early too...

Well, no use dwelling on it. Bills have to be paid, no two ways around it.
Pictures! 08/02/2009
I often send pictures remotely to my blog, hosted by Vox, and then write about it here later. However, instead of me making four different posts with photos I'm just going to say, "Go visit her gallery". All of the pictures I take of her end up there and she's getting cuter everyday!

I am however going to put this ONE picture here too :P

Ultimate hot water bag :P

Milestone!!!! 08/01/2009
Today is the first time I've seen Evy grab for anything! She was on her activity mat and grabbed for the hanging rattle giraffe and actually caught it on her first try!!! It was adorable!

I really need to start getting my video camera out - or even my quick point and shoot - because these pictures don't do the event justice!!!

She's grabbing for things!


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