As I said earlier, I stripped and washed the car seat cover and padding and then replaced it all over the weekend. Soon all we have to do is put it in the car - but we don't have any instructions so I'll have to do some research. A lot of people have been telling me to just go to a local fire station - but I'd also like to have the instructions available.

I've always hated car seats because the number of buckles and the ferocity in which you have to depress the latches always frustrates me. So I decided to practice a bit once everything was back together and pulled out my Build-a-Bear, Viktor "Batbear" Sampson. He fit perfectly in the seat - though I'm sure he's bigger than Evy will be once she's born. I unbuckled him and rebuckled him a few times and I'm getting the hang of how the buckles best work.

The other thing I have to work on - latch-practicing-wise - is the damn co-sleeper. Its made so that one side can go down (the side that faces the bed - so it's a safer solution to co-sleeping with a child in an adult bed) but I fought with the thing for a good HALF HOUR and couldn't get it to go down in a timely manner. Maybe it just needs to be loosened up - or as I told a friend - I need to build up my finger strength :P


With only 3 weeks to go, I've been feeling really pressured to get Evy's room put together. I kept buying things and piling them into her room and not really taking care of it. Last weekend a friend of mine came over and we made a big dent on her room:

● De-tagged and began washing all of her clothes.
● Hung the wall decals and also other pieces of decor.
● Dropped the mattress so we could safely use the bumper pad in the crib.
● Separated kitchen/bathroom items from room items and stored them away until later.
● Threw away all of the trash from unpacking everything.

All in all, it was a very productive weekend. I continued my productivity this weekend which makes me feel a lot better:

● Stripped & washed all the covers & padding for the carseat (and put it all back together).
● Unpacked (and struggled with) the co-sleeper and washed the mattress cover.
● Washed the last remaining blankets (we received a TON).
● Folded/iron & put away/hung all of her clothes.
● Cleaned some more so we can store the erected co-sleeper in her room for now.

I feel much better now, even if I haven't finished EVERYTHING. Next I'm going to concentrate on getting my bag packed so that I'm ready for my hospital stay :)

Whoohoo! 03/27/2009

I went to the doctor's yesterday - and got my results that I tested negative for group B strep! That's great news to me - as it means I wont have to rush to the hospital to get an antibiotic injection before Evy's born.

He wasn't able to tell me the position of the baby - other than head down. Though he did tell me I wasn't dilated and then proceeded to demonstrate by shoving his hand painfully up my va-jay-jay to prove how tight I still was. Yay.

I'm really frustrated recently with my choice in doctor's though. My appointment was slated for 4pm yesterday and I didn't see him until 5:30pm and that was for perhaps five minutes. On my way out I asked his receptionist if he was as overbooked next Thursday as he was this Thursday and she went into this long triad about how OB doctor's schedules are so unpredictable, blah, blah, blah. Whatever. I've had a lot of doctors and ALL of them make me wait because they overbook themselves. So this isn't an OB thing - this is a location thing.

I was frustrated because it wasn't like I was complaining about having to wait - to the contrary! I said that if he's going to make me wait an hour and a half next time as well I just wont be here to take up waiting room space (which was limited - Paul had to stand the whole time) until well after my scheduled appointment time. I mean I left work a half hour early - without pay - to wait an hour and a half? Her attitude and response was rude too - I'm just over that entire office. Its as if none of them have actually gone through any kind of training to learn how to talk to patients - which you think would be some kind of requirement when going into that field. You don't talk over them, you don't talk down to them, you just listen and then respond to what they asked. Simple.

Being irritable thanks to the pregnancy doesn't help either.


Last Thursday we went to the doctor's for my 36th week checkup. This was the appointment that would start the weekly appointments.

It was very quick, I was tested for group B strep, and I'm assuming they'll have the results for me by tomorrow when I go in for my next appointment. If I test positive that means I'll have to have antibiotics administered through an IV about four hours before I give birth. I'm hoping that I'm not positive since I'm trying really hard to keep an IV line full of drugs out of my arm. But - whatever happens, happens.

At my last appointment I was told that she was head down! Not that this is any indication of her delivery date - I'm still excited because the chances of her moving to a breech position is very low now.

When I go this week, I'm hoping that I'll be able to talk to him a bit (last time it was just a hit and run exam again) so I can ask about effacement, dilation and also my delayed cord cutting request again. I've done my research about that topic and I'm ready to make my request again!

Wish me luck, and hopefully I'll have some good news come Friday :)

How amazing! 03/25/2009

My sister had her baby yesterday!

Born at 12:03am on Tuesday March 24 - Elijah Joshua was 8 ounces, 21 inches long with a head of about 14cm around. The whole experience was amazing for me - I'm so glad I was there this time as I wasn't there when my sister had Ezekiel.

She started feeling contractions around 6pm and by the time they got to the birthing center it was about 9pm and she was checked and measured to be at about 4 centimeters. When I arrived at about 10:30pm she was laboring hard and about an hour later her bag of waters broke. When the midwife checked & measured her then, she was already at 8 centimeters! Contractions were coming hard and she said she had the feeling to push and so they moved her into the bathtub. It all happened very fast then, and it took only about two good pushes to get him delivered. He was quiet yet very aware and it was just beautiful.

It was a drastic difference from her first birth - which was considerably longer. She was in inactive labor for about a day and a half before they went to the hospital. Even then they were there for about 14 hours before Ezekiel was born. In comparison - she shaved a good eight hours off the whole thing!

So far, he's stayed pretty quiet - and has been sleeping happily and nursing well :)


I fell in the shower last night.

I've fallen in the shower once before, and I felt pretty stupid then too - but I've never done it while be pregnant. Now I just feel dangerous. I'd just finished taking a bath, was showering my hair and all the sudden I slipped. I don't quite know what happened - I just know that I somehow ended up on my stomach on the floor of the tub. I'm positive that I didn't "land" on my stomach, I just went down and because I continued to slip and slide I eventually ended up face down.

Paul was in the other room and heard me fall, ran in, and helped me roll over. I sat on the floor of the tub for awhile, shampoo still in my hair and dripping into my eyes, trying to feel some pain somewhere. I felt pain in my left knee, in some of my toes on my right foot, and in my bum on my left side - but I didn't feel any pain in my stomach. After struggling to stand up, I rinsed the shampoo out of my hair - with Paul standing in the bathroom keeping watch - and got out & dried off. Paul wanted to call the doctor, but I knew that I wouldn't actually be able to talk to the doctor - I'd get his answering service and they'd just tell me if I was concerned to go to the ER like last time. I suggested I call my sister instead and ask her opinion. She thought what I thought, since I didn't feel I'd hurt Evy I should just relax for awhile and feel for pain or stillness. She explained that I should feel some kicking soon, and that I should feel at least ten good kicks within an hour.

So we lied in bed a bit and waited, anxiously, for her to move. It was like watching water boil. The stress and worry I was feeling was frustrating because I knew that her being so calm after one of my baths was common! Plus, while I was reading my breastfeeding book in the bathtub, she was kicking so hard that I had to stop resting the book on my belly because I kept loosing my place in the paragraph so I thought that perhaps she was just tired. But Paul wasn't satisfied with my explanations, and so I suggested I eat some ice cream - cold & sugary is something a lot of people suggest to get babies kicking. Once I was done with the ice cream I insisted that we sit out on the couch because whenever I sit in a specific position on the couch I always feel her kicking very well.

Whether it was the ice cream or the position change, I'm not sure, but within the hour she was kicking up a storm again and we calmed down. I'm going to call my doctor today and make sure there isn't something I should be looking for - but since I feel her kicking consistently and I don't have any pain in my stomach and I'm not passing any blood vaginally - I feel that I avoided a disaster.

Armed & Ready! 03/12/2009

I'm feeling so...FULL today. I'm walking around work - waddling worse than usual - because I feel like if I spread my legs too far or move to fast Evy's just going to drop out! I've tried going to the bathroom a few times, thinking that maybe it's just a full bladder giving me this feeling but it's not helping.

The pressure on my pelvis was extraordinary last night, causing me to leave the couch and head to bed early. You'd think that just staying off my feet would help but no - being elevated at all seems to be painful too. While sitting at my desk this morning, I had the strangest feeling. It felt like she was moving down my body - but not like the usual feeling of movement - oh no. I could feel the slow progression and there was a definite shift of organs and muscles because I began to feel almost... thin? Does that make any sense? I could feel everything in my stomach area tighten and firm and fall BACK in. Like I said, strangest feeling.

I hate to admit it, but it's making me all very anxious that I might go into labor early. I have no idea what's going on in there but my instincts are telling me that all the stars are aligning and I may not make it to April 14th. Not that I'd be too upset by that :) I'm very ready to have Evy in my arms even if my bags aren't packed and we haven't washed everything yet. I really should spend some time making sure to get everything washed and set up though - I keep procrastinating and I need to stop.

The other night Paul & I went to Target to spend some of the gift cards we got at the baby shower. We got the bottles, some creams, hooded towels, wipes and a bunch of other things. I'm excited for the changing table organizer we bought - I now feel like I can get her "necessities" in place as before I was just keeping everything on the changing table. Yesterday Rebekah found this awesome Boppy - so I can now cross that off my list too :) I still have a lot to go, but slowly but surely we're getting there.


I got sick on Sunday and have been dealing with that all week - so I've been unable to post about my family baby shower that we had on Saturday. It was a lot of fun, very casual and in my opinion very cozy. A lot of people were not able to make it, and didn't bother to even drop us a line, but no matter.

We received a lot of adorable clothes - I can't WAIT to dress her up :) We also got another handmade afghan which is a really cool peach color - good change from all the pink.

We played three games, a nursery rhyme game that I surprisingly still got one wrong on even though we played it at Rebekah's baby shower a week before, an alphabet game that was I terrible at, and a crossword one that was shockingly hard. We resorted to finding instances of "cat" and "pee" within the same vicinity of each other in order to hide our embarrassment at not being able to find the actual words :P

We took video of opening gifts, but other than that I left the photography up to everyone else and I'm still waiting on pictures. But once I get them, they're going into the gallery!


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