Evy got sick last week.

It started on Thursday and got worse on Friday and by Friday night her temp was 102° and so we took her to urgent care (since her regular doctor was out for the weekend). After waiting a long time, and then pissing her off by sticking stuff in her ears and down her throat, he deemed her having an ear infection.

I'm not sure though. I'm no doctor - I'll be the first to say - but she seemed fine after he gave her some baby Tylenol to bring her fever down. She wasn't before, or after, tugging at her ears either. Plus, early that week her cousin, Elijah, had a very bad cold. Since she's cared for by my sister in my sister's apartment with her cousins I'm almost positive she just got a cold. Her nose was running, her eyes were watering, and she had the fever.

He prescribed Amoxicilin and said to bring her back on Monday or Tuesday. We've been giving her only the Amoxicillin and she's been doing much better - she seems a little fussy on Saturday but that's all. She's been sleeping really well too.

I hope I didn't over-react by taking her to urgent care. I usually wouldn't, for a fever, but BabyCenter said that at her age, between 3-6 months, any temp over 100 is cause for urgent care. But when I called my sister she seemed to find it over-excessive, she seemed to be chuckling at me when I told her we took her. But I'm so afraid to give her medicine! I don't want to give her an overdose. I was hoping the doctor would look at her and say, "Oh it's just a fever - she'll be okay" and send us on our way.

Oh well. Either way she's doing better. I'm going to do some research on how to prevent ear infections, because as a kid I got a lot of them so maybe Evy's just genetically prone to it.


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